Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alliance Select Foods International, Inc.

By: Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr., ECE
Valenzuela City, Philippines.

Jonathan Yang Dee is the founder, president and chief executive officer of Alliance Select Foods International, Inc., a premier publicly listed company and among the leading seafood manufacturing and processing corporation in the Philippines.

Jonathan Y. Dee spearheaded the growth of the company over the years as it has tuna fishing fleets and tuna processing facilities both in Indonesia and in the Philippines aside from its marine farms for production and processing of salmon in New Zealand and in the United States of America.

Jonathan Y. Dee envisions to partner with global customers and local stakeholders for the manufacture and processing of high quality marine food products from naturally sustainable sources thru globally acknowledge best practices.

Jonathan Y. Dee is joined by equally brilliant and experienced leaders in the industry, namely: George E. Sycip, Vice Chairman & Independent Director, members Marie T. Grace Vera Cruz, Hedy S. C. Yap Chua, Atty. Antonio Pacis, Raymond K.H. See, and Erwin Elechicon, Independent Director.

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